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We pride ourselves on providing top-tier technology, innovative solutions, and first-class service. Don't just take our word for it, though. Here is what our clients are saying:
Former Oasis at Magic Ranch Board President - Letter of Recommendation
Old Stone Ranch Board Members - 08/17/2022 & 08/18/2022
  • You did an outstanding job today!! And your team is bringing long needed expertise and support to OSR.
  • I am in total agreement. It's refreshing that you actually know what is going on in the community, and your responses to homeowner questions demonstrated your expertise.
Via Sorento Condominium Homeowner 08/02/2022 - I also wanted to express how refreshing it’s been to have your company manage our community. The constant communications about issues, meetings, etc is greatly appreciated. And most recently, engaging a law firm to address issues demonstrates your commitment to our community. Thank you!
Via Sorento Condominium Board Member 04/06/2022 - THANK YOU, THANK YOU -- amazing meeting and package sent prior! FYI - I just retired after 25 years in NYC property management and THIS is how you run a meeting. Great job and you deserve to hear it.
Sands Scottsdale Townhouses One and Two Homeowner 01/25/2022 - I attended the last HOA Meeting last Wednesday. I think we are so very fortunate to have Desert Vista as our property managers. Michael's vast experience is such a benefit to us. He's so knowledgeable and responsive to the needs of the Board. I really appreciate receiving an Agenda in advance of the meeting. So thoughtful to send out the link for the free COVID tests. This hasn't happened for many, many years. I just wanted to let Michael know how much he is appreciated. Thanks so very much.
Finley Farms South Homeowner - 11/09/2021 - We've owned our home for 22 years, and can honestly say that the DVCM is the most professional and community thinking organization ever. Keep up the good work.
Encanto Real Board Members - 08/18/2021
  • Just want to thank you for your patience and guidance with our neighborhood. For the first time I feel as if we are moving in the right direction. 
  • I can't agree more. It feels so reassuring to have someone we can trust working for our community.
Former Oasis at Magic Ranch Board President 07/20/2021 - I am writing this letter of recommendation for Michael LaPoint and his company, Desert Vista. I have been a board member at Oasis Magic Ranch for a number of years and served as President for two of those years. I have seen the 'good, the bad, and the ugly'. Desert Vista is far, far above the 'good'. The company's employees are always on top of things from finances to legal help. They are unerringly pleasant and helpful to our residents. Michael is a terrific manager with excellent communication skills and is always looking for ways to improve and move forward. He is often prescient, one step ahead. If you are looking for a superior management firm, which have great rapport with the community, the HOA board, and the vendors (plus Michael having a great sense of humor), I believe you cannot go wrong with Desert Vista and Michael LaPoint. - Mary B., President of Oasis Magic Ranch HOA Board, 2019-2021
Maricopa Meadows Homeowner 05/04/2021 - We are very thankful that through the yrs with HOA approval we have been able to make our home a very pleasant place to live. Homeowners and HOA working together makes our community a better place.  Since moving to our home, we have had several HOA (management companies). I believe your company came last September. I want to thank the team for the great work you have been doing in our community.  Our street is in need of a clean up, and I can already see it beginning to improve.  Thank you once again.
Oasis at Magic Ranch Homeowner 04/13/2021 - I would say that I have lived in Oasis Magic Ranch for over 10 years now and I am for the first time excited to say that we now have the best HOA Management Company ever. I watch a number of homes here for winter visitors and for the first time my emails to them are filled with positive things going on and wonderful improvements being made in so many different ways. I also think that we have had two consecutive boards with unity and real actions in improving our community.  Thank you, each and every one for putting your heart and work into making this a wonderful place to live.
Former Finley Farms South Board President - Michael is amazing to work with. He demonstrates a great balance between homeowner compassion and HOA fiscal responsibility. His excellent knowledge of the industry helps guide the board to the right decisions. We have had our share of difficult situations and Michael always manages them with grace and professionalism. For the first time in years, our HOA has a path to financial stability while adhering to our reserve study. Best of all, the sentiment of our homeowners has measurably improved since we switched to Desert Vista.
Former Finley Farms South Architectural Committee Member - I must say that since Desert Vista took on the management of our community, service is night and day. I can see clear evidence of vendor management, maintenance enforcement, communications and transparency. All of my questions or concerns are generally addressed within the same day. As a member of the Design Review Committee, the portal option Desert Vista has provided us has severely minimized our need to meet in person. Hoping for a lasting relationship!!

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