The Desert Vista Difference

Our biggest asset is our people. We are only able to provide superior service and outstanding products because we employ a team of industry-leading talent. Every member of our team is passionate about what they do. Their enthusiasm and commitment is prevalent in everything they do. This is only the tip of iceberg, as they say, though. Many aspects of our company rise above our competition. Below are some key areas in which we differ from and excel beyond our competition.
Smaller Portfolios - Our Community Managers have smaller portfolios, well below the industry average. Our Community Managers are able to adequately focus on our clients and provide the excellent service our clients expect. Small portfolio sizes contributes to the retention of our amazing team members as well. 
Enhanced Management - Through the use of tools such as annual operations calendars, inspection rotations/schedules, monthly community-wide emails, weekly Board updates, and monthly management reports, we offer unrivaled management of our communities, allowing Boards to focus on the big picture, plan for the future, and develop a true sense of community.
Superior Follow Up - We provide additional compliance tracking tools, architectural completion assurance, and tracking of Board decisions/resolutions to ensure nothing is missed, forgotten, or lost over time. 
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