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Communication with your association is critical, although not always as easy as everyone would like. As volunteers, Board Members are not and really should not be the front line of communication. From State statute requirements regarding Board decision-making practices to tracking and record retention needs, there are several reasons communication should go through your management team. To increase communication efficiency with your association, we have created a number of online and PDF forms for your use, which are available below along with descriptions of each form.

Architectural Request

Almost any modification or improvement to the exterior appearance of your home or lot requires prior written approval from your association. More often than not, this applies to rear yard improvements too. Such improvements may include, but shall not be limited to:
  • House painting
  • Landscape modifications
  • Installation of a shed, pergola, gazebo, play equipment, or similar structure
  • Replacement of items ranging from house lights to garage doors and windows.
Please see your community's governing documents if you have questions about a specific improvement or the submittal requirements for a specific improvement.
Requests may also be submitted through the Homeowner Portal!

Change of Address

Are you moving and becoming an offsite owner? Are you a snowbird heading home for the summer or returning to our beautiful state for the winter? Whatever the circumstance, if you need to change your mailing address, please complete and submit the form below. You can also change your mailing address and other contact information by logging into the homeowner portal.

Complaint Form (Violation Complaint)

We always encourage neighbors to get to know each other and attempt to resolve issues in a neighborly manner. When that is no longer possible, please use this form to submit complaints / inform us of violations within your community. Don't forget to include photos of the alleged violation if possible.
Please be advised that in accordance with A.R.S. §33-1803 and §33-1242, any complaints received will not remain anonymous. We must include the first and last name of the person or persons who observed the violation on the violation letter. If your complaint is something we can verify during our regularly scheduled inspections, which take place on random weekdays during our normal working hours, we will verify the complaint and issue the violation on our own behalf. Complaints regarding violations that occur in the evening, over the weekend, or only periodically at random times (e.g. barking dogs, parking of commercial vehicles, etc.), and complaints that we cannot verify because of their location (i.e. in a rear yard), require us to list the complainant's name as detailed above.

Gate Access Registration Form

If you live in a gated community, it is important for the security of your community that access information be current and well maintained, especially during ownership transfers. We ask all new residents and anyone wanting to change their gate code, directory phone number, etc., to provide all of their current gate access information. This allows us to ensure your access information is accurate and minimize likelihood of someone accessing the community who should not have access to the community. 

Maintenance / Work Order Request

Did you walk past a broken sprinkler this morning? See some graffiti while leaving for work? Notice a problem such as a raised walkway or light outage? Use this form to report common area maintenance needs. If the issue you report is someone else's responsibility (i.e. the Town, City, or County), we will report the issue to them and provide you the information you need to do the same.

Owner Information & Agent/Property Manager Authorization

Please use this form to provide your correct contact information and/or to authorize your agent/property manager to communicate with us, receive certain communications from us, and have access to your account.
Please note that if you rent your home, completion of the Tenant Tracking Form is also required.

Payment Plan Request

Life happens. We completely understand. If you've fallen behind in your payments and your account is delinquent for any reason, submit this form to propose a payment plan. In most cases, we can coordinate and approve payment plans of 12 months or less. Certain circumstances and payment plan requests of longer than 12 months will, however, require Board approval.
If your community participates in credit reporting, establishing and adhering to a payment plan will suspend negative reports against your credit.

Records Inspection Request

The process for inspecting or obtaining association records is governed by A.R.S. §33-1805 and §33-1258. Any owner wishing to inspect or obtain association records must complete and submit this form.

Response Form (Violation Response, Late Fee or Fine Appeal, etc.)

We get it...you don't always agree with the opinion of, or evaluation and action taken by, your Association and/or Community Manager. When necessary, please use this form to submit a response to and/or appeal a violation or monetary penalty (late fee, fine, or other monetary charge).

Tenant Tracking Form

If you rent your home, you are required by A.R.S. §33-1806.01 and §33-1260.01 to complete and submit this form as it relates to your tenants. Because the statutes allow for a nominal fee of $25.00 to collect and maintain this information, this form is available in PDF format only and must be returned with the appropriate payment, as further detailed on the form itself.


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